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Freedom Kingdom is Queen Kathryn's name of her Castle home where she lives.  Freedom Kingdom is the television network launched and founded by Queen Kathryn.  Queen Kathryn does shows that are all about spreading the truth, and the love of GOD around the world using education, entertainment and empowerment.  Freedom Kingdom is a Queen Kathryn Movement and Mission is about raising up the Children of GOD and the Army of GOD creating GODS Kingdom on Earth. Queen Kathryn is teaching all the people of the world that everybody is royal as we all are GOD'S children. We are all Sovereign.  We are the children of GOD. Whose ready to be really free? Let Queen Kathryn Entertain you and educate you and empower you to live your dreams. Yes people we can make life a wonderful blessed fairytale! With GODS blessings...anything is possible!



Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let's All Be Free!

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