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Queen Kathryn is an Actress, Singer, Author, Multi-Media  Celebrity, Entertainer, Poet, Philanthropist, advocate for Peace, love, Truth and Freedom,, an a peacemaker. Her first CD Light the World was well received. She starred in The Kathryn Show, and IT The Television Show on Cable TV, and was a celebrity red carpet interviewer of many A list Celebrities, politicians, Kings of Countries, and former Presidents, and current congressman in the TV show On The Scene with Queen Kathryn and as a news Anchor, Host and star SMTV network shows, Noteworthy News, A Journey Through Estetic Realms, and Animal Planet,and was the star Queen Kathryn The Movie. She starred in two music videos, a remake of John Lennon's,Tomorrow Never Knows, and Lay Your Gun Down Billy. She starred in the KRKC Radio show called, THE VOICE, (Yes she was The Original Voice) where she interviewed celebrities with a cause. She is the Author of two poetry books Ego Renaissance, and Love Letters From Me, and a children's book Queen Kathryn and the Country Mouse. Her foundation The Humanity Foundation does leadership for children, feeds the poor, gives to children orphanages, Christian organizations,and to the widows. Her and her husband Richard ("Rick") own a horse ranch in Texas. Queen Kathryn is a true force for Good, and a Child of GOD superstar in the World!


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